Our History

The school was started due to a passionate heart who longed to see quality education provided for pupils in our surrounding area and beyond.
At the heart of this vision is a desire to see the next generation achieving great heights of success through the means of
excellent education and authentic Christian discipleship.

The School was opened on 18 January 2013. The school opened as a preschool, with 18 learners and two teachers.
In January 2014 we had 64 learners registered to start the new year, a growth of over 300% in one year.
Early in 2015 we registered with the Education Department, received our EMIS number, and started our first two Grade 1 classes. By the Lord’s grace, every year since then we have been able to add two additional classes to the school, with 2021 seeing the addition of our first Grade 7 classes.

We were very blessed and excited on 22 January 2017 when we moved the Primary School classes out of facilities in the church building and into our first dedicated school building – twelve brand new classrooms in a double storey facility. We have achieved so much, and we give God all the glory.

Our Mission

We endeavour to raise up learners whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
who will be like trees planted by streams of water, who will yield their fruit
in season and fulfil their God given purpose.

We are committed to excellence and, based on a biblical configuration,
we seek to prepare learners to be healthy young people intellectually,
spiritually, physically and socially.

Our Values and Our Pillars

Our core values are Christian based, built upon the Word of God

Our Values

SubmissionEphesians 5:21
ObedienceRomans 5:19
ServanthoodGalatians 5:13
Humility1 Peter 5:5
HonourProverbs 15:33

Our Pillars

Faith1 John 5:5
WordJohn 1:1
PrayerProverbs 15:8
Holy Spirit1 Corinthians 2:13
EducationProverbs 22:6

Our Vision

It is our vision to see children grow up in the plans and purposes that God has for them.
We want to see children reach their full potential, having an intrinsic desire for education,
enabling them to become all that God has purposed for them to be.

We want to see them love, honour and respect Christ and others,
whilst being confident, well-mannered, well-behaved and passionate to fulfil their purpose in God.

We endeavour to provide a thoroughly Christian environment of authentic discipleship
and to provide quality education delivered by suitably qualified teachers who are passionate about God,
children and their education.

Our Ethos

School Ethos
We unswervingly believe that God is the source of all truth as revealed through Scripture. God graciously makes knowledge possible and available to us through revelation. We believe God has chosen to reveal true knowledge through the Bible, creation and Jesus Christ. We hope to offer opportunities where learners can continually respond to God’s revealed knowledge through personal commitment and action to bring alignment of Christ’s attitude to do the right thing.