Our aftercare caters for our learners and assists working parents.
This is where the learners wind down after a long day of learning.

We have adopted a no homework policy, hence during this time our learners are encouraged to read and interact with each other through various educational board games as well as play outdoor games and just relax.

We intend that our curriculum should instil in our learners these qualities: responsibility,
independence and a sense that learning can excite and invigorate throughout life.

In order to achieve this, at ECA we teach the CAPS curriculum as set out by the GDE in an IEB manner.
In other words, while teaching all the elements of the CAPS curriculum as stipulated, we continually encourage the learners to
think for themselves, drawing out knowledge from within the learners, instead of just endlessly presenting the learners with facts.

English is offered as the Home Language and Afrikaans as the First Additional Language and Setswana as the Second Additional Language.