The Preschool is the right place for your little one to be! This is where they first encounter formal education and they create social relationships. Our classes are structured for learning which we believe happens through play.

Each of our Preschool classes have between sixteen and eighteen learners and are taught by qualified ECD practitioners who are aided by an assistant teacher.

The classes are named according to a number of Winnie the Pooh characters:
Tiggers (2 - 3 years old)Tiggers are bouncy and love to play. Learners in these classes learn in a fun, interactive way, using their whole bodies.
Rabbits (3 - 4 years old)Rabbits are known for their hard work, dedication and love to be at school.
Winnies (4 turning 5 years old)Winnies are very cheerful and willing to help others.

Our playgrounds are filled with apparatus specifically designed to enhance the learner’s gross-motor skills,
strengthen their little bodies and encourage problem solving, all while having fun.
These are child-friendly environments fitted with astroturf, so that you can rest assured in the knowledge that your child will be in a safe and clean environment.

Our Fantasy Playroom opens up a whole new world of learning through play.
It is fitted with toys that inspire the learner’s creative thinking skills and enables them to relate to the world surrounding them.
When playing in this room, the learner can escape from reality and choose to be whoever they want to be: a mechanic, doctor, farmer or even a mother etc.